With the donation from the Business Club of Christians For Israel of the Netherlands, the Jerusalem Foundation completed the new youth center in East Talpiot


After many years of wandering, Israel Scouts Troop Amir, from the East Talpiot neighborhood has a permanent home with the opening of the youth center. The center, which was built by the Jerusalem Foundation with the generous donation of the “Building with Israel” Business Club of the Christians for Israel, the Netherlands and in cooperation with Mifal Hapais-the Israel Lottery and the City of Jerusalem. The center will serve the Scouts, and all the young people in the neighborhood.

The building, which is about 300 square meters, includes a central entrance hall, classrooms and a large and inviting outside space. In addition, the space contains storage rooms and areas to hold the Scouts’ equipment for their excursions and other activities. Additionally, the Jerusalem Foundation included multimedia equipment for the future use of the youth. The new center is fully handicap accessible and can even be reached from the grounds of the nearby school for the convenience of the teens and children.

The dedication ceremony for the youth center included the presence of Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion; president of the Jerusalem Foundation, Shai Doron; General Director of the Foundation, Imry Ben-Ami; director of the Christians for Israel, Roger Van Oordt, members of the city council and chairman of the Business Club of Christians for Israel of the Netherlands, Timo Niemeijer along with other members of the Business Club. All of the guests were able to mingle with current and former members of the Scouts troop and many neighborhood residents.

Mayor Moshe Lion thanked the donors and all the partners for their work with the youth movements in the city.

“We invest many resources in the development of the youth movements in Jerusalem, with the understanding that they build the Jerusalemites of tomorrow.”

To the Scouts, he added: “I want to wish you all many enjoyable hours full of personal growth here, and that you will be able to use these years to grow and mature with your future in mind, which is the future of Jerusalem as a whole.”

Chairman of the Business Club of Christian’s for Israel of the Netherlands, Timo Niemeijer said “we from the Business Club are so proud to be here in His favorite city doing the work of building Jerusalem.”

Roger Van Oordt, director of the Christians for Israel of the Netherlands was so excited to take part in the ceremony, he swapped his shirt for a Scouts uniform, sitting with the Scouts eagerly waiting to explore their new home.

President of the Jerusalem Foundation, Shai Doron, thanked the Christians for Israel of the Netherlands and said that these are some of the closest friends of Israel and of Jerusalem.

“You are the most dedicated and loyal friends of the city of Jerusalem and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, this youth center is a long-term investment, because the future leaders of the civil society in Jerusalem will grow here.”

To the residents of East Talpiot, Doron said “you have received a wonderful gift in the 50th year of East Talpiot, which joins the Jerusalem Foundation’s many investments in the neighborhood. You must protect this place and make sure that there will be activities for the hundreds of children and teenagers from East Talpiot.”

The president of the Foundation also thanked the management of the Jerusalem Foundation and the construction staff who worked so hard on the beautiful building for many months in order to complete it on time.

At the end of the ceremony, as the youth played with soccer balls handed out by the donors, the dedication plaque was unveiled, marking this historic event for the Scouts and the neighborhood of East Talpiot.

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