More than 4 million NIS will be distributed to 45 grantees in 2018, thanks to the generous 

support of the Jerusalem Foundation, Inc. (USA) and longstanding funders of culture in the city


Jerusalem, Israel –December 6, 2017: The Jerusalem Foundation announced today that it will award more than 4 million NIS to 45 arts and culture projects that will take place in Jerusalem in 2018, thanks to the generous and longstanding support of the Jerusalem Foundation Inc. (USA) and interest from endowment funds allocated purely for arts and culture.


More than 220 applications were received from more than 100 arts and culture institutions in the city during the Foundation’s open grant period this summer. The 45 grantees (see attached list) represent the mosaic of Jerusalem, with events for Jews and Arabs in east and west Jerusalem, support for ultra-Orthodox and Arab up and coming artists, and with diverse multi-disciplinary offerings in dance, music, performance art, festivals, and much more.


The 45 projects selected for 2018 support are in addition to donations by Jerusalem Foundation friends and supporters all over the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.


The Jerusalem Foundation, established more than 51 years ago, is the leading supporter of arts and culture in Jerusalem after the Jerusalem Municipality and established many of the landmark cultural institutions in the city including the Tower of David Museum, the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Cinematheque, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, and the Yellow Submarine Music Center.


“I am grateful to the Jerusalem Foundation, Inc., and in particular Chairman of the Board Alan Hassenfeld and Board Member Allen Model who were instrumental in our development of a process that offers so many an opportunity to apply for funding,” said Yohanna Arbib-Perugia, President of the Foundation.


“This was the first time that the Foundation issued a public call for proposals and I am pleased that we received so many interesting projects from a wide variety of organizations, some of which are new to us,” said Anat Tzur, Director General of the Foundation.  “We look forward to a vibrant 2018 cultural season.”



For more information contact:

Liat Rosner, Spokesperson, LiatR@jfjlm.org





Jerusalem Foundation 2018 Cultural Grantees

  1. The Israel Festival for Mishmeret Layla (Night Shift)
  2. Shekel: Community Services for People with Special Needs for Reframing Reality Festival
  3. Musrara: the Naggar Multi-Disciplinary School of Art and Society for the Musrara Mix Festival
  4. Artcube Artists’ Studios for the Ten-Year Anniversary of Manofim Contemporary Arts Festival
  5. Museum for Islamic Art for International Tolerance Day Events
  6. The Yitzhak Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum for Theater Events in the Museum
  7. Bar Kayma, Hamazkeka for Monolingua Jewish-Arab music festival
  8. The Jerusalem Print Workshop for an Alumni Residence Program
  9. Maaleh School of Film, Television, and Arts for Documentary Film-Making Course for Ultra-Orthodox Women
  10. Museum on the Seam for    “Truth that is Forbidden” Exhibit
  11. The Yellow Submarine for a Music Hub for Young Musicians
  12. Machol Shalem Dance House for a Dance Platform for Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Women
  13. Bar Kayma, The Pandora Collective for the Yemama Festival
  14. The Jerusalem Development Authority for Design Week
  15. Ben Shamayim Laaretz, for the Ben Shamayim Laaretz Dance Festival Residency
  16. The Jerusalem Cinematheque for the Jerusalem Film Festival Film on Go
  17. The Train Theater, for The Circus
  18. Koresh 14 Art Gallery, for Art in Homes
  19. The Jerusalem Music Center for the International Concert Series
  20. Beit Hagat for a New Gallery Opening in Ein Karem
  21. Mishkenot Sha’ananim for the International Writers’ Festival
  22. Nisan Nativ Acting Studio for the May Festival
  23. The School of Visual Theater for the International Performance Conference and Festival
  24. Studio Mishelach for the Women’s Tradition and Culture Mixed event
  25. Jerusalem Theater for the HaRokdim Dance Festival
  26. The Sam Spiegel Film and Television School for the Sam Spiegel Alumni Festival
  27. The Paley Arts Center for a Mobile Gallery for Art in East Jerusalem
  28. The Kolben Dance Company (in cooperation with the Incubator Theater) for a joint production
  29. Muslala Art Trax for Building a New City project
  30. Hazira Performance Arts Arena for the Fall Festival
  31. The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance for Body, Dance, Place capacity building
  32. The Jerusalem Intercultural Center for Hagim Mibifnim (Holidays from the Inside)
  33. The Louis and Tilli Alpert Youth Music Center for The Jerusalem Street Orchestra Classic Concert Series
  34. Eden, the Jerusalem Economic Development  Company for Hamiffal, From Open to Creation
  35. New Spirit and C.A.T.A.M.O.N. Dance Company for Open Space- 3 Days of Dance at Beit Alliance
  36. The Secular Yeshiva in Jerusalem for Shivat Zion: A Sigd Celebration at the Tower of David
  37. The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra for the Bach Festival
  38. The Bloomfield Science Museum for the Carton Festival
  39. Jerusalem Season of Culture for East Jerusalem Performance Opportunities and Strengthening the Creative Class
  40. Jerusalem Season of Culture for Kulna
  41. Plastics Art Division of the Jerusalem Municipality, for:
    • Beita: Outline Festival and 360 Degree Video Mapping of Cultural Institutions
    • Pop Up Art in different neighborhoods
  42. Theater Division of the Jerusalem Municipality, for:
    • 360 Degrees Festival: Theater in the Public Sphere
    • Jerusalem Winter Arts Festival
  43. To’ar for Graphidos an Orthodox Graffiti Festival


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