Ten social entrepreneurs in Jerusalem will receive a sum of 50 thousand shekels as part of having won a grant from the “Keren Lee” – the start-up grants distributed by Israeli donors to the Jerusalem Foundation. In total, over half a million shekels will be distributed to new community projects in the city with the aim of encouraging the continued residence of young people in the city and strengthening creative activity in Jerusalem.


The Keren Lee which was established by the Jerusalem Foundation two years ago, uniting Israeli donors who want to strengthen the young people operating in Jerusalem and seeks to encourage activities that will take place in the city based on a sustainable economic model that includes independent income. The steering committee includes the president of the Jerusalem Foundation, Shai Doron, the CEO of the Foundation, Imry Ben Ami, and businessmen and industry leaders including, Ran Tuttnauer, Eric Grabalski, Amir Biram, Yuval Keren, Zvi Yochman and Ruth Ralbag. A series of businessmen, business entities and companies joined the Keren Lee and made it possible to significantly increase the grants it distributed this year.

The projects were chosen from dozens of applications submitted for examination by the steering committee. The grant distribution ceremony took place with Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion, President of the Jerusalem Foundation Shai Doron, and CEO of the Jerusalem Foundation Imry Ben Ami in attendance.

“The Keren Lee is exactly what we dreamed of: on the one hand, providing support for youth projects that will keep a young population in Jerusalem, and on the other hand, involving the philanthropy of Israelis who understand the importance of Jerusalem as a city that attracts young people, is vibrant and inspiring. We are proud of our ability to give the young entrepreneurs a starting point and a supportive financial backing for their continued development. All this with the aim of preserving a young Jerusalem where young people with initiative can dream and make it come true”, said Jerusalem Foundation President, Shai Doron.




The 2023 Keren Lee grant winners are:


Bar Café Beit HaKerem: The grant will be used to build a rain cover that will enable the activities of the Bar Café to continue into the winter. The café attracts families with children and in evenings turns into a lively community bar.

The Tramponlina: Supporting the community of artists engaged in circus arts in Jerusalem and creating an artistic circus show at the Davidson Carriage Theater in Jerusalem. The artistic circus shows will be marketed to the general public and sustain the community of artists.

Jerusalem Fridays in Nature: Creative, leisure and cultural space for young people in Ein Yael. The program will run on Fridays in the months of July and August and the general public will be able to enjoy the Ananeh center in Ein Yael, which combines creative workshops, an art fair, a dining complex and cultural performances in natural, open spaces.

HaMiffal Show Room: With the support of the Keren Lee, a platform for selling local art was founded in 2022 with the help of a website and an exhibition space at the HaMiffal art and society center. HaMiffal is now expanding the project to the international market with an emphasis on an audience from the northern United States.

Spectrum: The grant will be used to upgrade the professional equipment and the technical department of the project for young musicians in “Nocturno Live”. A venture that produces 15 cultural events a month in the fields of music, literature, visual arts and more.

The Lounge: A stage for poetry and literature at Mishkenot Shaananim. The program includes the renovation of the Djangoly Hall in the Mishkenot Shaananim center and support for events and programs for young creative communities and consumers of art and culture in the city.

HaMiflezet Pub: Improvement of sound infrastructure and training of sound personnel for HaMiflezet Pub in Kiryat HaYovel, which won the Keren Lee grant last year and became one of the most popular pubs in the city. The grant will allow “HaMiflezet” to stop renting external equipment and professionals for events in the pub and build a new business plan that will catapult it forward.

The Open House for Pride and Tolerance in Jerusalem: Building an LGBT+ business community that will strengthen the ties between its members and the city of Jerusalem. The community will create projects for joint marketing of businesses, promoting local and international Pride tourism to Jerusalem, creating spaces for personal connection between community members and more.

HaPoel Jerusalem: Support for the establishment of the school for instructor to promote the youth of HaPoel Jerusalem in basketball. The grant will enable the opening of the first course in Jerusalem to train Jerusalem students as young coaches.

The Secular Yeshiva: The “Pantry” Project of the Secular Yeshiva will allow an open space for discussion and exchange of views on issues that are of concern to all of Israeli society.

photos: Arnon Bossani

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