The Jerusalem Foundation was established in 1966 by the legendary Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek. Over the last five decades, and through more than 4000 initiatives, the Foundation has touched the lives of all of Jerusalem’s more than 900,000 residents from all of the city’s communities.


Today, the Jerusalem Foundation’s mandate is as relevant as ever. The global pandemic, which resulted in a health and economic crisis, has impacted us all and has brought into sharper focus some of the existing issues in Jerusalem. The social fabric of the city has been tested and challenged, and the need for communal strength is more pressing than ever. Our plan for 2030 will close social gaps and support the most vulnerable populations in the city.


The pandemic impacted cultural life in Jerusalem. Going forward, we will continue to promote creative culture, supporting cultural institutions to innovate and adapt to the new reality. The future of Jerusalem will be determined by its young leaders and we continue to support the development of the next generation in the city.


CLICK HERE to read our 2030 Vision brochure, which outlines some of our key projects for the next decade.


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