Kiryat Hayovel, 5 Ringelbloom st.

About the project

The Abraham B. Polinsky Vocational Training High School offers academic and training programs to 200-300 students per year in several areas of study, including carpentry, graphics, office administration, auto mechanics and tourism. The Jerusalem Foundation established the school by renovating a former school building in 1985, built the Abraham B. & Jessie Polinsky Sport Center adjacent to the school in 1994 and the Adam, Deanna and Taylor Rivkin Classrooms in the sport center in 1999 in order to accommodate students of the Second Chance Program, which helps students from throughout the city to pass their high school matriculation exams. It also has supported bus fare subsidies, scholarships and other activities. The school has been under the auspices of the College of Administration, an umbrella organization for vocational schools, since 1988.

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