Baka, 31 Yehuda st.

About the project

The Efrata Elementary School is a progressive religious public school that serves the Baka, Talpiot and Katamonim neighborhoods. The school teaches traditional Jewish studies alongside art, music and drama. The Jerusalem Foundation has periodically supported physical improvements to the school, beginning with renovations to the school library in 1986. It supported purchase of computers and software in 1988. In 1992, the Foundation supported construction of a new wing with six classrooms to meet the needs of the school’s growing student body (in 1983, the school had 120 students; by 1988 it had 425 students, and in 1991, 685 students). It supported creation of a sport field behind the school in 1994, and undertook major renovations in 2005, including creation of a central amphitheater space and installation of new furnishings and equipment. At that time, the school was rededicated as the Albert & Elba Cuenca School. The Foundation also has supported programs for children with special needs at the school, including a program to integrate autistic children into mainstream classrooms.

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