Old Katamon, 1 Hamatzor st.

About the project

The Alicia Home for the Elderly is a nursing home serving senior citizens from all over the city, primarily from low socio-economic backgrounds. The state established the home called the Municipal Home for the Aged in 1948 in a residential building constructed in the 1930s. The municipality added another story to the building in 1958. The Jerusalem Foundation supported renovation of the building, including construction of the Willard I. Singer Wing, improvements to a club located in the bomb shelter and creation of a garden in 1979. The renovated facility served approximately 60 men and women and included a kitchen, clinic, dining and day room, and offices. In 1992, the Jerusalem Foundation again supported improvements to and expansion of the home and rededicated it as the Alicia Home for the Elderly. The renovated facility serves 80 residents, including 20 physically frail elderly. Work included adding a floor, installing new plumbing, sewage and electrical systems, refurbishing bedrooms and public spaces, creating new offices, renovating the bomb shelter to include a barber shop, physiotherapy room and a library, and creating the Lucie Behar Sitting Area outside the home. The Jerusalem Foundation supported additional renovations to the section for the physically frail in 2003. It has supported various activities at the home over the years.

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