Beit Safafa, Ichud Hakfar st.

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The Jerusalem Foundation created a soccer field adjacent to the Beit Safafa Community Club (later called the Beit Safafa-Shrafat Community Center) in 1983.The soccer field includes lighting and bleachers. It is used informally by local residents, and serves as a venue for the Jewish-Arab Soccer Team and as home to a soccer program created by retired Arab Israeli soccer player Ali Utman, who grew up in Beit Safafa. In 2010 The Jerusalem Foundation completed a six month renovation of the sports field . Laying synthetic grass, and adding a new drainage and sewer system essential for the upkeep of synthetic grass. New lighting, goal posts and locker rooms were also added. The new field can now be used by the local soccer team, as well as schools for after school activities. The Jerusalen Foundation hopes that the new Beit Safafa sports field will bring together Arab and Jewish youth for sporting events that will promote understanding and tolerance

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