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The Max Rayne Bilingual School is one of three “Hand in Hand” schools dedicated to promoting Jewish-Arab education. Using a bilingual and cultural curriculum that encourages pupils to strengthen their own cultural identity while promoting understanding, tolerance and respect for religious, cultural and ethnic differences.


Once housed in the Denmark School, it soon became apparent that the school was in need of its own building. Planning and construction began in 2002 until 2007 . Designed by Zeev Druckman, the school occupies an eight dunum plot between the Patt and Beit Safafa neighborhood. The school has 26 classrooms, each one named after a Swiss Kanton. The library is the nerve center of the school with activities, projects, and literary challenges in both languages to keep students on their toes. Aside from the classrooms, there are also art, science, computer rooms, and a music and movement room. The importance of physical education has also been taken into account with both exterior sports court and a multipurpose sports hall. A landscaped garden runs through the center of the school, with shady trees and planted areas around the school building. The kindergarten is also located on the schools campus it has its own building and separate entrance as well as its own play area.


Classes take place in both Arabic and Hebrew, with an equal number of Jewish and Arab children in each class, there are two teachers, one for Arabic and one for Hebrew, the classes are small and the children enjoy an extended school day. Exposure to different customs and beliefs find expression during holiday time, some religious, some national, but always prompting discussion, and activity, parents are also encouraged to participate in the activities and discourse, re-enforcing the ideals and spirit of the school. Psychological counseling rooms provide a service to both the school and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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