Beit Hakerem, 33 Hechaluz st.

About the project

The Jerusalem Foundation supported establishment of the Harriett & Ben Teitel Center for the Elderly in Beit Hakerem in 1996. The center is social and cultural club for approximately 150 area residents. The center was created within the renovated Beit Hava’ad (the Committee House), built in 1926 as a meeting place for the neighborhood governing council. In the 1980s, the building was slated for demolition; but in 1988, a group of neighborhood residents in cooperation with the local community center was successful in its effort to save the building. Work to convert the building to its new uses included interior and exterior renovations and improvements to the building grounds. Since the center’s establishment, the Jerusalem Foundation has supported additional building improvements, including the installation of a wheelchair lift, and classes, lectures and other center activities.

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