Kiryat Hayovel, 7 Borochov st.

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The Hattie Friedland School for the Deaf (also known as the Ki’ach School) is an elementary school for hearing-impaired children, many of whom have additional special needs, including cerebral palsy, autism and developmental disorders. Nearly all of the approximately 80 students, both Arab and Jewish, are from low-income families. The ratio of students to staff, including teachers, aides and therapists, is nearly one to one. The Jerusalem Foundation initially supported the purchase of equipment for the school, and in 1990 began providing annual support to upgrade the facility, to purchase equipment and to enable certain activities to take place, such as the hiring of an Arab speech therapist, and extracurricular activities, including swimming, judo and an annual trip. The Foundation supported the installation of a new playground at the school in 1993, which it renovated in 2005.

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