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HE HENRY J LEIR AUDITORIUM Completed at the end of 2000 it hosts various Conferences and Symposiums with leading worldwide researchers.
Hands on demonstrations related to the museums exhibits eg: chemistry communications microbiology, electricity.
A Science Club lectures on science and technology related subjects, at the forefront of research and ethical dilemmas.
There is also a Science Theater, with performances on how new scientific discoveries are made, conflicts between scientists through the ages, and “Voyage to Mars”, working in space.
On December 10, 2006, The Henry Leir Auditorium hosted a unique science event. High school students, coming from all over the country, met with Stephen Hawking, one of the best-known theoretical physicists today and author, among other things, of the bestseller ‘A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes’.
Hawking talked about his life and what motivated him to pursue a career in science. He answered students’ questions and heard brief talks by two winners of the Museum’s annual Young Scientists Competition. Prof. Hawking’s aim has been to encourage and inspire more young people all over the world to consider a career in science

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