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About the project

Inspired and supported by Mr Aleksander Gudzowaty, the first, one day symposium took place in 2009 at the Konrad Adenauer Conference Center at Mishkenot Shananim bringing together international interfaith leaders to discuss and promote tolerance , understanding and having respect for the other. Various discussion groups are held throughout the day, sharing thoughts and ideas on how to promote a more tolerant society, dicussions on the meaning of the sacredness of holy sites for the different faiths, what can be done to promote a more civil and tolerant society, and what part all religious leaders can play in achieving a greater level of tolerance among their followers whether they are liberal or orthodox, as well as bringing together the positive elements of all faiths, and being tolerant of the differences.
The second symposium focused on the millions of people of different faiths who make pilgrimages throughout the world and its effect on the environment.
The closing ceremony at the end of the this annual symposium takes place around the “Tolerance Monument” at Armon Hanatsiv, overlooking the Old City, representatives of all the faiths recite prayers, after which there is a concert representing the ethnic musical talents of the faiths represented. The “Tolerance Monument” and park dedicated in 2008 in Armon Hanatsiv, was also the initative and creation of Mr Aleksander Gudzowaty.

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