Rechavia, 20 Radak st.

About the project

The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, formerly the Institute for Jerusalem Studies, was founded by the Jerusalem Foundation and the Hebrew University. The institute is an independent organization that initiates, participates in and carries out policy-oriented studies relevant to contemporary problems of state and society in Israel, with special attention paid to issues concerning Jerusalem. The institute conducts research, issues publications and conducts public activities on topics ranging from poverty to obstacles to peace and envrionmental issues. Since helping to establish the institute at the Hay Elyachar House in Rechavia, the Jerusalem Foundation has supported many areas of the institute’s work. It has supported the research, writing and publication of many works published under the institute’s auspices, including a series of six books completed over 12 years on Jerusalem architecture by architectural historian David Kroyanker. It has helped establish various centers of the institute, including the Center for the Study of Common Cultural Values in Judaism & Islam, the Floersheimer Center for Policy Planning, and the Teddy Kollek Center for Jerusalem Studies, which has examined current policy and developed alternative modes of action on issues including the status of Jerusalem in various peace frameworks, Jerusalem’s security fence, the post-disengagement period and more.

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