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About the project

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children was established in 1965 as a nursing home for Arab children suffering from polio-paralysis.The center was named after King Hussein’s sister, who laid the foundation stone in 1964. The center later expanded its services to diagnose, rehabilitate, provide training opportunities and specialized services to children with physical disabilities living in east Jerusalem and portions of the West Bank and Gaza. The center includes a kindergarten, elementary and high school that integrates approximately 100 sight-impaired, hearing-impaired and physically disabled students into a mainstream school with approximately 400 able-bodied students, a community-based rehabilitation program that admits physically disabled children with their mothers for a period of two weeks to three months, and several therapy departments.The center has been under the auspices of the Anglican Episcopal Church since 2000. The Jerusalem Foundation has provided equipment for the center.

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