East Talpiot, Next to 13 Olei Hagardom st.

About the project

The Marjorie & Archie Sherman Park is a five-acre park located between the main entrance to the East Talpiot neighborhood and the Alejandro & Lilly Saltiel Community Center. The park, which was designed by Shlomo Aronson, features walking paths, lawns, shade pergolas and play equipment. The park incorporates a shaft that connects to a Herodian water conduit that used to channel water along a 12-mile route from Solomon’s Pools in the Hebron Hills south of Jerusalem to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. For this reason, the park is also known as Park Hanikba (the Shaft Park). The park also features The Great Cone, a sculpture created by Mexican sculptor, writer and performance artist Helen (Elena) Escobedo, who is known for her large-scale, site-specific works.The sculpture, composed of iron rods welded into the shape of a cone inside a cylinder eight meters in diameter, is installed on top of a large water tank.

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