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About the project

THE PEACE LABYRINTH is an interactive exhibit, designed to challenge children’s prejudices and to help them resolve conflict peacefully. It is based on a model created by the Dutch organization Peace Education Projects, and had traveled through several European countries before being adapted for use in Jerusalem by a joint Dutch-Israeli team. The exhibit uses photographic images, sounds, mirrors and games to raise questions about observation, perception, communication and decision making.
Also examined, are four related themes: similarities and differences; subjectivity and objectivity; conflict management, and communication. Participants wind their way through the labyrinth reflecting as they would in life: by making observations, perceiving situations, formulating opinions and reaching conclusions. They learn that every situation presents the possibility of multiple approaches, and that the way they choose to perceive situations has consequences for what follows.
The Peace Labyrinth program was an exhibit at the Bloomfield Science Museum.

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