Hanevi'im Street, 9 Harav Kook st.

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The Rav Kook Museum, also called Beit HaRav, is a memorial to the personality and teachings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook (1865-1935), the first Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of pre-state Israel (1921until his death). Rabbi Kook, or “Ha Rav” as he is popularly known, was an instrumental figure in the shaping of modern Zionist ideology.The museum is located in his former home and yeshiva (institution for Torah and Talmud study), which were built in the historic Beit David quadrangle in 1902. The Jerusalem Foundation supported creation of a reference room in the museum in 1990 that serves as a center for research and courses on the life and teachings of Rav Kook, and has supported guided tours, lectures and discussions for religious and secular schoolchildren.

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