Beit Hakerem, 7 Ma'agal Beit Hamidrash st.

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The Ron Shulamit Conservatory was established in 1968 by a merger between the Shulamit Conservatory, Israel’s first music conservatory founded by Shulamit Ruppin in Jaffa in 1910, and the Ron Conservatory, established by Yariv Ezrachi in Tel Aviv in 1938. In 1972, the conservatory opened two branches in Jerusalem in response to the influx of immigrants into the city, particularly form the Soviet Union, and in 1988, opened a branch primarily for children from religious families in the Har Nof neighborhood. Its main Jerusalem branch is located in the Beit Hakerem Elementary School.The conservatory teaches music and dance to hundreds of children and youth, offers several orchestras, and programs in traditional Jewish music and music therapy for disabled children. The Jerusalem Foundation has supported several conservatory activities over the years, including its children’s choir, music therapy program and scholarships.

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