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The Sport Court was originally opened in 1979 at the Beit David Community Centre. Later in 1984 it was expanded to include an indoor sports and activity center with seating for 500 people. After many years of use and with the discovery of sewerage and draining issues in the building, a massive renovation was implemented – including infrastructure at the centre, replacement of the stage, bleacher and other amenities and also the incorporation of a roof top court for basketball and soccer with protective fencing and night lights.
Since the 2008 renovation of the Beit David Sports Center, the population of east Jerusalem has enjoyed a wide variety of regular activities. Centrally located and accessible to all; it is the largest Sports Hall in east Jerusalem, the only one of this scope; it is used not only for sporting events – its stage enables it to be used for community and cultural events, special festivals and celebrations; it also features a fitness / weight room.
Hundreds of residents use the Sports Hall each week, from groups and activities operated through the Beit David Community Center, as well as outside groups and events that rent the space. It is in use at least 12 hours each day. Every year, approximately 14,000 local residents benefit from the Beit David Sports Hall.

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