About the project

Established in 2012 by the Jerusalem Foundation, Bubble is a youth culture series designed to make culture accessible to youth ages 15-17 throughout Jerusalem. Bubble consists of a series of cultural events – typically held on Thursday evenings every few weeks – at leading Jerusalem cultural institutions, such as the Israel Museum, the Jerusalem Cinematheque or the Khan Theatre, at a subsidized price. The idea is that each cultural event also includes social activities that appeal to teenagers, such as after-parties, meetings and discussions with celebrity role models, essentially exposing them to art in a light, entertaining and informal way. A  professional team that includes an artistic director, producer and marketing director, as well as a steering committee consisting of Jerusalem youth plan the events for the season, providing steering committee members with a new level of independence, responsibility, empowerment, and leadership skills. Cultural participation has a direct impact on the strength and overall sustainability of local artist groups, and Bubble has also provided great exposure and opportunities for artistic groups and cultural institutions. By creating a new generation of culturally-engaged youth, Jerusalem’s cultural institutions and artists will benefit immensely, both now and in the future.

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