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In 1987, the Phasael Tower Observatory in the Tower of David Museum was restored with the support of the Dwek family and the Nissim S. Dwek Garden was created near the museum entrance. In 1989, the Dwek family supported various activities at the Tower of David, enriching the cultural life of Jerusalem.


The Tower of David Museum was established in 1983 as the Tower of David Museum of the City of Jerusalem. The museum is located at the 2,500 year-old citadel known as the Tower of David just beyond Jaffa Gate in the Old City’s Armenian Quarter. The museum chronicles the history of the city and the numerous peoples who have left their mark on it over the course of 4,000 years through exhibits and archaeological ruins. The Jerusalem Foundation began work to establish the museum in 1977. It has since supported the museum’s physical development including archaeological excavations that led to the creation of a stunning archaeological garden.

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