The Jerusalem Foundation takes steps to breathe life back into arts and culture


In immediate response to the coronavirus health and economic crisis, the Jerusalem Foundation created a safety net for our most vulnerable residents from all population groups in the city.  As restrictions begin to ease in Israel and more people have recovered from the virus, the Jerusalem Foundation is taking steps to support the arts and culture community of the city and to ensure that creative culture and civil society can recover from this unprecedented shutdown of activity.


We know that a city cannot flourish and thrive without creativity and inspiration and we have established a fund to provide small grants to offer relief and support for rebuilding activities in different formats.  We are providing grants of 20,000 NIS to institutions/organizations and we have already allocated 200,000 NIS in the first round of support which includes; Muslala urban camping experience, Yellow Submarine online live performances, Train Theater online puppet shows, Paley Art Center Ramadan art competition and much more.  We are already preparing the next round of support and you can join our efforts.



We are also proud to announce the launch of a loan fund in partnership with Ogen (former Israel Free Loan Association) starting with 1.5 million NIS for culture, arts and civil society organizations and individual artists.  The loans will be interest free and paid back in manageable installments over 3 years.

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