Reaching Every Corner of the City: 2018 Conference Roundup Day 2

We started the second day of our “Finding Your Share” conference with an early morning moving and emotional dedication ceremony at the Ma’ayan School in Ein Karem for severely handicapped children. After a long awaited and comprehensive renovation the facility has finally been made fully accessible thanks to support of our friends from the UK and German-speaking countries.

The packed schedule continued with routes and site visits. Four different tours were available: Diversity in the Eyes of the Beholder – Shared Living in Jerusalem; East Jerusalem FAQ’s – In-depth Look at East Jerusalem; A Creative Economy – Innovative Approaches to Workforce Development; and All  Jerusalem Communities from the Ground Up – Toward a More Resilient Future.

A festive evening started at Canada House to dedicate a most unusual sculpture –  an Inukshuk statue designed by Israeli artist Israel Hadani, a gift from our Canadian friends, modeled on similar Inuit statues that are seen all across Canada, symbolizing safety, hope and friendship. Inuksuk statues were used by First Nation peoples of northern Canada, the Inuit, as milestones or navigation marks. To mark the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, Lewis Mitz, President of the Jerusalem Foundation of Canada, initiated this project as a symbol of the strong ties between Canada and Israel, and the Inukshuk was placed in a redesigned garden outside of Canada House as a symbol of brotherhood, solidarity and mankind’s responsibility toward one another. To read more about Jerusalem’s Canadian Inukshuk as covered by the Canadian Jewish News, click here.

Dinner awaited us at the Musrara, Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society Art where Jerusalem’s unique and rich arts scene graced our evening as cuisine and culture, east Jerusalem and west Jerusalem came together in perfect harmony.  The evening was dedicated to tastings from east and west in culture and cuisine with a special emphasis on culture that is such an important field for us.  We were treated to a unique performance that integrated video with artists from the Naggar School, both graduates and current students. An ensemble from the Jerusalem Orchestra East and West, dancers from Between Heaven and Earth, and singers from The Hazelnutz Trio merged with culinary artistry from west Jerusalem’s chefs Nadav Malin and Amit Cohen and east Jerusalem chef Jalil Jalil.

For pictures of the day’s events, click here. Photo credits: Perry Mendelboym.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow