More than 3 million NIS will be distributed to 39 grantees in 2019, thanks to the generous

support of the Jerusalem Foundation, Inc. (USA) and longstanding funders of culture in the city 


The Jerusalem Foundation announced today that it will award more than 3 million NIS to 39 arts and culture projects that will take place in Jerusalem in 2019, thanks to the generous and longstanding support of the Jerusalem Foundation Inc. (USA) and interest from endowment funds allocated purely for arts and culture.  See Jerusalem Post story here.


More than 140 applications were received from 70 arts and culture institutions in the city during the Foundation’s open grant period. The 39 grantees (see attached) represent the mosaic of Jerusalem, with events for Jews and Arabs in east and west Jerusalem, support for ultra-Orthodox and Arab artists, and with diverse multi-disciplinary offerings in dance, music, performance art, festivals, and much more.


The 2019 projects selected for support are in addition to donations by Jerusalem Foundation friends and supporters all over the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.


The Jerusalem Foundation, established more than 52 years ago, is the leading supporter of arts and culture in Jerusalem after the Jerusalem Municipality and established many of the landmark cultural institutions in the city including the Tower of David Museum, the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Cinematheque, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, and the Yellow Submarine Music Center.


“As an organization that established some of the leading cultural institutions in the city, we continue to support and develop arts and culture in city that serves all population groups,” said Shai Doron, President of the Foundation. “Culture in Jerusalem is not simply leisure – it is the soul of the city.”


Jerusalem Foundation 2019 Cultural Grantees

  1. Hulgab Festival celebrating Ethiopian-Israeli culture and the uniqueness of the Amharic spoken word
  2. Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra in partnership with an Armenian church
  3. Children’s Festival at the Khan Theater with emphasis on the Haredi population
  4. “My Name is Red,” Jerusalem Print Workshop combining Jewish and Muslim artistic traditions
  5. Herod’s Tavern at the Tower of David, bringing the history of the Old City alive through music, culinary arts, and theater
  6. The Piano Festival focusing on women composers who received very little recognition
  7. “Returning Spirit to the Garden” transforming the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens into a hub of poetry and song
  8. “Words,” a masterclass by Mikro Theater that forges a conversation between contemporary theater and history on archeological dig
  9. “Underground,” a New Spirit production of multi-disciplinary culture that includes interaction with the audience
  10. The Yellow Submarine Incubator for musicians starting their career that increases their skill set and their exposure
  11. Artists’ House 7th Biennale for Sketch Artists, for cutting-edge print works at a wide array of Jerusalem galleries and museums
  12. Israel Festival/Mishmeret Layla (Night Shift), inviting artists to create works that are performed throughout the Jerusalem Theater
  13. Writers’ Festival, a first time collaboration with the Jerusalem International Book Fair to create a new type of literary festival with events outside of Mishkenot
  14. Hamiffal, From Open to Creation, assisting artists in creation of projects, and career guidance to help them establish themselves in the city
  15. Design Week, in Hansen House that brings young artists of different mediums for a week of vents and exhibits at different places throughout the city
  16. Museum of Islam, International Tolerance Day, a series of events that brings together different segments of Jerusalem’s population
  17. Body/Dance/Place, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance students working together with choreographers to produce a fascinating festival in interesting spaces
  18. Cultural Events in East Jerusalem, a series of arts and culture events at public gardens and local theaters in east Jerusalem focused on Muslim holidays
  19. Incubator Theater/Yalla, a Jewish-Arab theater group that brings Hebrew-Arabic performances to the city center
  20. “Interactive Wandering,” a Naggar School of Photography interactive exhibit using VR, fusing art with technology, for a historical tour of the neighborhood
  21. Jerusalemite TV, a Hebrew-Arabic-English online magazine for Jerusalem arts and culture
  22. May Festival, by Nissan Nativ Acting Studio students creating works in the public sphere
  23. “Mashiv Haruach” Festival at Mishkenot Sha’ananim’s windmill, using contemporary visual art, music, and dance to describe wind and incorporating activities with flour
  24. Cinema at Paley, in cooperation with the Cinematheque that brings movie screenings to the Paley Art Center in East Jerusalem
  25. Outline Festival, a Beita production that exhibits drawings, the written word and more at businesses and less conventional platforms
  26. Anatomy of Machines, a Bloomfield Science exhibit that celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci, inviting Jerusalem’s art students, independent artists, and art groups to create works inspired by his legacy
  27. “What Do the Trees Say,” a Museum on the Seam exhibit focusing on the relationship between humankind and trees as a metaphor for modern alienation
  28. Jerusalem Street Classical Music, free classical music performances in public spaces including East Jerusalem
  29. Armenians in Jerusalem, a multi-disciplinary exhibit based out of the Nature Museum celebrating different facets of Armenian culture and history
  30. “Running with Picasso,” a series of monthly tours after the Israel Museum’s regular hours that invite the visitors to engage in physical activity inspired by Picasso’s works
  31. Hub for Performance Art in East Jerusalem, mentorship and professional guidance for artists to learn everything from project development to budgeting, marketing and more
  32. Jerusalem Biennale 2019, professional curators and artists from Israel and abroad will present exhibitions or installations relevant to contemporary Jewish discourse
  33. 360 Festival, Liberty Bell Park, a festival that promotes the medium “theater dependent on place ” with performances that are uniquely accommodated to the public space itself
  34. Jerusalem Theater and Dance Group for city wide dance performances that integrates Jerusalem and international dancers
  35. Pulchan HaStav Festival, a meeting point for artists who combine disciplines and genres, offering unique performances that integrate medium and content
  36. Darbuka, Between Heaven and Earth, traditional Arab dance integrated with contemporary dance and performed in public spaces
  37. Great Gehenna Choir, a unique choir that works in a non-hierarchical manner, with performances in various venues throughout the city, creating sound exhibitions integrated with performances
  38. “Fantastical Compound” Train Theater, transforming Liberty Bell Park into a valley of fantasy, with plays, artwork and games in the spirit of legendary magical creatures
  39. Dissolving Boundaries, year-round events with about 40 artists, entrepreneurs and organizations on a journey to discover the city’s complexities and draw creativity from it