Partnership with Mandel Foundation brings cultural events to neighborhoods across Jerusalem



With the generous support of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, we are launching ‘CulturEvents’ – a series of around 40 cultural events to take place from August-October in Jerusalem. The series of events will expose tens of thousands of Jerusalemites to subsidized cultural events across the city.


‘CulturEvents’ was born out of a desire to help cultural institutions and community administrations in the peripheral neighborhoods of Jerusalem recover from the coronavirus pandemic, and reach new audiences who do not usually enjoy such cultural events. At the same time, the series helps to support Jerusalem-based artists and to promote community resilience through public cultural events.



The events will take place in a wide variety of the city’s neighborhoods, and will include events in ultra-Orthodox and Arab neighborhoods, in addition to many mixed (religious and secular) neighborhoods.


The series will include a number of open-air concerts by the Jerusalem Street Orchestra: in San Simon Park in Gonenim, in Hamesila Park, in Khirbet Arza in Gilo and in community gardens across the city. It will also include dance and music events in east Jerusalem, music events in the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood adapted to the ultra-Orthodox population, theatrical tours for families in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, art events for families at the Museum on the Seam, and activities at Ein Yael, the Bloomfield Science Museum and the Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium.



“This series of events is the result of a collaboration between the Mandel Foundation and the Jerusalem Foundation. This is a fruitful and close cooperation that developed during the peak of the pandemic last year, and in response to the most immediate and vital needs of the city’s residents. Now, the effort is dedicated to strengthening cultural and community life in Jerusalem,” said Shai Doron, President of the Jerusalem Foundation.


“CulturEvents will provide a solution for many families and populations in the city,” said Ruth Diskin, director of the Projects Department at the Jerusalem Foundation. A diverse range of events has been curated, paying attention to the cultural needs of Jerusalem’s population groups, and with appropriate cultural sensitivity.”




Photo credit: Yelena Kotani / Courtesy of the Jerusalem Street Orchestra


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