The Mandel Foundation and the Jerusalem Foundation are telling the extraordinary story of Jerusalem through SidraTarbut, held for the third year and requiring an investment of NIS 1.5 million. SidraTarbut mixes cinema, dance, theater and music and spreads it across the city. The events will happen all across Jerusalem between August and September, many of them free to enter!

From mid-August to mid-September, SidraTarbut invites the residents of Jerusalem and its visitors to celebrate a rich series of events that will spread across the city and present the best of the creative work of Jerusalem. For 40 days and nights, SidraTarbut will provide a platform for dozens of events that will take place in 30 city locations.

Jehuda Reinharz, president of the Mandel Foundation: “The Mandel Foundation, a Jewish Zionist foundation has decided to fund cultural events in Jerusalem as part of SidraTarbut in the coming years, for the benefit of all the residents of Jerusalem and for the sake of strengthening it as the capital of Israel.”

Shai Doron, president of the Jerusalem Foundation said that “there is culture in Jerusalem: SidraTarbut is the result of a beautiful collaboration between the Mandel Foundation and the Jerusalem Foundation and it brings the cultural wealth of Jerusalem to all the city’s populations. This is a series that combines Jerusalem artists, Jerusalem cultural institutions and diverse communities from all over the city. All the events were carefully selected and reflect a great deal of thought and cultural adaption.”

A particularly rich selection of music performances will be staged during SidraTarbut, among them: a festival at Mazkeka with performances from artists across the spectrum of art over two days. These artists will include Carmel Riboch, Avraham Kober, Uri Crystal, Head & Heart, Through 12, Yaara Haim, Aviv Stern, Aya Lion, Bein Haharisot, Daniela Ljungsberg,, Dana Dektor and more. The Mishkenot Sha’ananim Music Center is launching a series of concerts accessible to families. The Mishkenot Guest House will host meetings of Jerusalem poets and the Madrasah Collective, consisting of 12 young musicians specializing in North African music that will appear in several locations. In addition, the klezmer band Folkes will host the singer and creator Maureen Fafar at the Spectrum.

For its 23rd anniversary, the Yellow Submarine will host a huge celebration with a variety of performances by the best musicians of all generations, including Eden Alene, Guy Moses, Noam Tsuriely, Uriah Witztum, Shmuel Zeltser, Talia Ishai, Roni Shmueli, Naomi Yavin, Eden Djamshid. Naama Ben-Hamo, Dorka and others. A one of a kind multidisciplinary show will present the story of Joseph from the Yemenite Jewish tradition at Confederation House. Two shows by the band Ecoutes specializing in eastern-contemporary music, will present “Little Gestures” a show with new material at HaMiffal.

The City of Dance and Theater

Dance shows and performances will be staged by an ensemble of dancers from the multidisciplinary division at the Academy of Music and Dance, including the opening event You Were and Yet Are and the female dance event, You Were Meta, the play “the Bicycle Kid” will be staged at the Khan Theater and the culinary show “Jerusalemite Cuisine Tales” will be staged at the beautiful Jerusalem campus of the Hebrew Union College, alongside a host of plays and activities for the whole family in the city’s neighborhoods.

Neighborhood culture

About 40 small and medium events for the community will be held in about 15 community centers throughout the city during the 40 days of the series. Most of the events in the community centers are adapted to a family audience with free entry. Among other things, the Mashu Mashu theater will present the beloved play “Uzu and Muzu from Kazaruzu” the Creators will present the work “The Land of Milk and Raspberry Juice” an adaptation of the beloved children’s author Ronit Chacham’s story of the fisherman and the golden fish and a host of other wonderful events for the whole family.


The Secular Yeshiva will hold two special events around the Tashlich custom, music full of inspiration from far away places. Rashut HaRabbim and Mashiv HaRuach will hold a night of Slichot in 8 neighborhoods – a mosaic of events that will take place simultaneously, on the same night in eight neighborhoods in the city and will combine a variety of traditions and customs, bring Jerusalem artists, men and women to center stage and together they will create resonance where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A poetry performance by Oren Shukron and Livnat Ben Hamo will take place at the Confederation House and the closing event of SidraTarbut 2023 brings Slichot to center stage with a Tahrir-style Slichot in a spectacular location: the newly renovated Tower of David Museum.

More information at the website: www.sidratarbut.art

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sidratarbut

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