Special Jerusalem Tastings Showcase Jerusalem Foundation Projects in Culture, Community & Economic Development.


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Under the tag line “Staying in Jerusalem,” the Jerusalem Foundation hosted an evening that showcased its activities to the Israeli public. The evening took place in the historic Alliance House, what was once a high school and is now designated for preservation and renovation as a hotel, in the heart of the Machaneh Yehuda open-air market. The market has become

a hub for a variety of Jerusalem artists and creative communities and it was an apt place to host an event all about Jerusalem’s future and its young people.


Business figures, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, past and present Jerusalemites to whom the city is so dear, were invited to participate and were treated to small tastings and short Ted-style talks on Jerusalem Foundation initiatives in culture, community empowerment and economic development.

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David Brodet, Chairman of the Board of the Jerusalem Foundation, welcomed the guests, reminding them that  “Jerusalem is a mission you never leave.” Anat Tzur, the Foundation’s Director-General, stressed that Jerusalem’s economic vitality depends on strengthening the city’s productive and creative class and on investing in young people, the next generation and the future of the city. Jerusalem Tel Aviv Investments (JTLV) Founder & CEO Amir Biram  spoke movingly about his history in Jerusalem and of the importance of keeping Jerusalem’s young adult population in the city. Biram, who together with his partners acquired Alliance House, enables the Ruach Hadasha (New Spirit) organization to use the space for free, for the benefit of the city’s youth.


Performers over the course of the evening included Poetry Slam member Tchelet Zohar, the musician and Yellow Submarine Founder & Director Atcha Bar and the great Luz Sisters vocal ensemble.

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Two leading change-makers in Jerusalem, MadeinJLM founder Hanan Brandt and Siftech’s Strategy and Development Director Michal Machado, spoke of the growing role of the high-tech innovation community in Jerusalem and the platform created to enable innovators in the city to connect and form a vibrant start-up community.


The evening was covered by the leading newspapers Maariv and the Jerusalem Post.


“Now it’s time that we, too, Israelis and Jerusalemites, take responsibility for the future of our city,” said Anat Tzur in summing up the evening. “It’s not only politicians and decision-makers who can decide how Jerusalem will look. We, civil society and the third sector, can dictate the agenda and Jerusalem future for the next fifty years. We invite you to become partners in our work for Jerusalem.”

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