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The Adam Institute for Democracy & Peace was founded in 1986 to promote democratic values through education. The institute was created by educators and activists from across the political spectrum, motivated by the 1983 murder of Emil Greenzweig, a 36-year-old intellectual, social activist and anti-war protestor. The institute develops and implements educational programs that serve all sectors of the population in schools, community centers and other facilities. Its staff consists of 70 regional coordinators, instructors and workshop facilitators, 40 % of whom are Arabs. The institute’s programs are active, experiential workshops that seek to turn participants into partners and to show that every issue has many sides. The Jerusalem Foundation supported renovations to a building on the grounds of the former Judean Hills Youth Recreation Center to serve as the institute’s home in 1988, and has supported training programs, children’s programs, publications, an international conference and more.

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