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Ammunition Hill was the site of the most famous battle for Jerusalem during the Six Day War (1967). The hill is located on what had been the Jordanian border since1948.The site, which included a communications trench and a munitions storage bunker left over from the British Mandate period, served as the main command post of the Jordanian Legion. Capture of this hill made it possible for Israeli soldiers to forge ahead and eventually take the Old City. The Ammunition Hill Memorial Site & Museum were created in 1974 in memory of the 182 Israeli soldiers of the Paratroopers, Jerusalem and Harel Brigades and the Air Force who were killed during the war. The site includes a large, open expanse with panoramic vistas, intact Jordanian military bunkers and trenches and a small, mostly subterranean museum designed by Benjamin Idelson and Gershon Zippor. The Jerusalem Foundation originally supported the creation of a memorial garden designed by Miller-Bloom, in which olive trees were planted for each of those who had fallen in battle. In 1992, the Foundation supported renovations to the auditorium, which was dedicated on the 25th Jerusalem Day.

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