Neve Ya'acov, 38 Neve Ya'acov st.

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The Arnold Bernhard Municipal Library is a major public library built in 1979 to serve residents of Neve Ya’acov and Pisgat Ze’ev. Beyond its typical library spaces, the library features a two-story rotunda in which library and community events take place. The Jerusalem Foundation helped establish the library, created a listening room for kindergarten-age children in 1988 and over the years has supported the purchase of books (by 2003, the library had approximately 30,000 books, including those in Russian and Amharic) and concerts, photography competitions, after school programs and other activities. In 2002, the Jerusalem Foundation supported renovations to the children’s library and in 2003, the installation of new computers. The polished stainless steel sculpture Ribbons in Space by Elijah David Herschler was erected in the library in 1986.

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