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FOUR FEMALE ASIAN ELEPHANTS a gift of The King of Thailand, Jack Rudin, Michael & Judy Steinhardt
Before the four female Asian elephants arrived from Thailand, Thai officials were sent to the zoo to investigate the conditions and facilities, once the the zoo had passed inspection the Thai Government invited two Israeli keepers to spend three months learning how to work with the elephants. Then Two Thai “Mahouts” or elephant keepers were then granted special permission by the Israeli authorities to come and continue working with the elephants in Israel. Three of the four elephants, Susan, Michaela and Teddy, with the help of two NY artists Komar and Melamid who in Thailand teach elephants to paint, gave lessons to our talented three, who then went on to produce “elephant works of art” which were actioned off at Sotherby’s in Tel Aviv. All money raised, from elephant art goes toward the conservation and protection of these amazing and intelligent creatures.

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