Ramot, 6 Recanati st.

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Israel Asper Community Action Center in Ramot
Established in 2008, the Israel Asper Community Action Center in Ramot has cultivated a program that provides enrichment, education, access to technology, reinforcement of Jewish and Zionist values, and community to the various populations it serves. The IACAC offers computer classes for all ages – from children in elementary school to senior citizens – and offers a range of subjects including computer proficiency, animation, robotics, and more; ensuring that all ages are able to use technology and given opportunities for learning and creativity. Classes in English and Mathematics are provided through the learning center, in addition to assistance in all other subjects taught in school. The IACAC  provides vocational training to at-risk youth, inter-generational programs that help connect native Israelis with new immigrants, and operates a summer camp for children and youth. The center also serves special-needs populations and men and women in the secular, religious, and Haredi sectors. The Israel Asper Community Action Center has provided educational assistance, leadership tools, computer skills, and individual attention to empower those who are often overlooked – families with low socioeconomic status, the mentally frail, special needs persons, new immigrants, the unemployed and retirees – therefore giving everyone a voice and a purpose at the center.

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