Rechavia, 38 Ushishkin st.

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The Alonim (Oaks) School was opened in 1989 in Rechavia to serve approximately 50 junior high school-age children with learning disabilities. The Jerusalem Foundation supported creation of vocational workshops in electricity, carpentry, sewing and arts and crafts at the school in 1990. It supported major renovations to an Arab-style building that formerly served as home to the Jerusalem Pedagogical Institute to create a new facility for the school named Beit Bubis (Bubis’ House) in 1992. Since then, the Foundation has supported the purchase of equipment for the school library and exercise room, renovation of the carpentry workshop and various enrichment activities. The Beit Bubis building is part of a complex of school buildings that includes the Evelina de Rothschild Elementary High School and houses the Shema Kolenu Center for Hearing Impaired Children. The former Alonim School building was converted to the Integrated Teacher Training Institute when the school moved to Beit Bubis.

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