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“Thinking about Brain” Exhibition
. The 21st century has recently been called the “Century of the Brain”. Indeed, the major scientific challenge of the 21st century is the understanding of the principles of natural intelligence, as exhibited by the brain. Understanding the brain and its operations is also one of the most fascinating subjects for the general public. Thus, in the summer of 2008 a new exhibition on the brain opened at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem; it presented the public with up-to-date knowledge on brain research. The exhibition demonstrated how the tens of billions of neurons that comprise the human brain and succeeds in controlling our body, memory, emotions and perform creative tasks. Abstract concepts relevant to brain research were elucidated using interactive exhibits such as physiological view of the brain, and biological, neurological, and psychological functioning. The exhibition covered a wide range of topics regarding the brain, such as sensory perception, motor control, memory and cognition illustrating the operating principles of the nervous system from its basic ingredients, neurons and synapses, to the function of different areas of the brain.

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