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About the project

THE EINSTEIN EXHIBITION opened in October 2005 coinciding with the “100 Years of Physics” and “The Annus Mirabilis” or “Extraordinary Year” the year that Einstein published five essays that were to have a lasting impact on the world and revolutionized the traditional concept of time and space. The most burning scientific questions of the 20th century had their beginnings in Albert Einstein’s 1905 revolutionary ideas about space and time. This Exhibit also deals with Einstein’s unique personality, his biography interwoven with the stormy history of the 20th century, alongside his scientific legacy and revelations. The exhibit tries to resolve the enigma that was Einstein. Who was the man, And what made him such a cultural icon, it also also conveyed the contemporary significance of Einstein the physicist, humanist, pacifist, and visionary.
An attempt is also made to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity to the general public using graphics interactive exhibits and multi media. The exhibition, it is hoped, helped to increase interest among young people and the general public in areas of science and technology.

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