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About the project

THE GABI CENTER. In memory of Dr. Gabi Eshkar Deputy Director and Chief Veterinarian at the zoo who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2004. The together with the zoo the family considered many ways of memorializing Gabi, and came up with the Gabi Center.
The Gabi Center has a professional library along with state-of-the-art computer terminals which are used in courses and enrichment programs for animal keepers, zoo guides and volunteers, and activities for the zoo’s staff.
The center hosts professional conferences such as the Israeli Wildlife Veterinarians Forum, academic seminars, management meetings, and the gathering of the Israeli Friends of the Zoo.
In addition, the center houses research rooms, study and reading corners containing a wide collection of the latest publications on nature, conservation and captive animal biology. There is also a memorial corner which shows Gabi’s contribution to the zoo, nature conservation, the study of captive animal management in Israel and abroad. Gabi Eshkar was involved in the pioneer program to breed elephants in captivity by means of artificial insemination, the day before his death in an interview is Israel Television Gabi was seen triumphantly showing the ultra sound of Tamar’s elephant baby, subsequently, the baby elephant was named Gabi.

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