Kiryat Hayovel, 29 Zangwill st.

About the project

The Gershon Agron School is a secular elementary school with 500-700 students in grades one-six. The school was named for Gershon Agron (born Agronsky, 1894-1959), founder of the English-language daily the Palestine Post (later the Jerusalem Post) in 1932 and mayor of Jerusalem 1955-1959. The Jerusalem Foundation has supported several physical improvement projects at the school over the years, beginning with creation of the Sy Lesser Computer Center in 1988. The Foundation began a major renovation project in 1991 that included a redesign of the entrance courtyard and renovations to and equipment for the library, music room and nature room. In 1994, it renovated the basketball court, and in 1996 completed a second round of renovations, including renovation of the library and a small hall. The Foundation also has provided support for field trips and other school activities, including projects for Ethiopian children.

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