Old Katamon, 12 Kaf-Tet Bnovember st.

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The Henrietta Szold Elementary School is a secular public school that serves 300-500 children in grades one-six. The school was named for Henrietta Szold (1860-1945), the founder of the Hadassah Zionist Organization and a leader of the Youth Aliyah program that saved many young European Jews from the Holocaust. The school occupies two adjacent buildings, one of them dating from the 1930s, and the other from the 1950s (a third building formerly used by the school later became home to Beit Hatzayir). The Jerusalem Foundation supported the creation of the school’s first computer laboratory and renovation work including stone repairs, painting and landscaping in 1989. In 2004, it supported renovations to the computer laboratory when it relocated the Gertrude & Theodore Horwich Computer Laboratory to the school from its previous location at the Masada Elementary School.

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