Talbiya, Next to 14 Pinsker st.

About the project

The Rose Garden in Talbiya was built by the municipality in the 1930s. Following the War of Independence (1948), the garden was used for annual Independence Day receptions. The Jerusalem Foundation added a playground–the Dika Jefroykin & Pierre Weill-Raynal Corner–in 1991 and, together with the municipality, it renovated the heavily used garden in 1992. Work included stone wall repairs and installation of new lighting, pergolas, fencing, benches, plantings and irrigation. The 5,000-meter park is designed in levels with the play area and benches on the upper section, a lawn in a middle section and a rose garden in a lower section. Stairs, pathways and landscaping connect the terraces to create a visually cohesive whole.

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