City Center, 7 Rabbi Akiva st.

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The J. Robert Fisher Center provides diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services to deaf and hearing-impaired children, aged 6 months to 6 years. The center is operated by the Micha Institute Jerusalem, the Association for the Rehabilitation of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children, which was established by a group of parents who realized the importance of early intervention. Initially, the center offered one kindergarten class and clinical services. In 2000, it served approximately 70 children in three classes, two for Jewish children and one for Arab children. The Jerusalem Foundation helped establish the center in 1972 on the edge of Independence Park and has supported several physical improvement projects since, including creation of several playgrounds in the 1980s and renovations in 1999 that included installation of a special acoustic ceiling, curtains and carpeting to absorb noise from outside, and creation of a waiting room and lending library for parents. The Foundation also has supported early detection programs, summer camps and parent programs, as well as renovations to and activities at the Association for the Deaf In Israel’s Jerusalem club, which is located at the center.

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