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Kol Ha’isha (the Woman’s Voice), was established in 1994 by a group of women involved in the peace movement to strengthen feminism and women’s activism in Jerusalem. The organization works to promote a feminist, multicultural model of social change, to address the individual needs of women and to foster a feminist paradigm for an authentic and collaborative peace. Kol Ha’isha operates the Jerusalem Women’s Center, where it offers an employment readiness program, a crisis counseling and referral center, various support groups and Antea, a women’s art gallery. The Jerusalem Foundation has supported various activities, including those undertaken by the organization on International Day Against Violence Against Women, and Women Cook Up a Business, part of Kol Ha’isha’s Comprehensive Program for the Economic Empowerment of Women, that it operates with Achoti (My Sister), another feminist organization. The program teaches women from distressed neighborhoods how to make use of their cooking skills to develop and open restaurants and catering services to increase their family income and raise their self-esteem.

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