Machane Yehuda, Jaffa st.

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Machane Yehuda Market, better known simply as the Shuk, is the city’s largest outdoor market in the city, outside of the Old City markets. It includes small shops and stalls with vendors selling produce, meat, fish, spices, flowers, clothes and household goods. Its two main streets (one covered, one exposed) run between Jaffa and Aggripas Streets while alleys zigzag in between. The market, originally called the Bet Yaakov Market, developed in the Ottoman period, was closed in the late 1920s by the British due to unsanitary conditions, and was rejuvinated in 1931, at which time it tofficially ook on the name of the neighborhood. In 2000, the Jerusalem Foundation supported a project to hang interpretive signs that explain the market’s street names, and incorporate Biblical quotations, songs and recipes.

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