Neve Ya'acov, Neve Ya'acov st.

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The Neve Ya’acov Junior High School opened in 1985 adjacent to the Neve Ya’acov Elementary School Alef.The Jerusalem Foundation supported the completion and outfitting of science laboratories and vocational workshops at the school in 1988, when it had approximately 500 students, including those from neighboring Pisgat Ze’ev. It also created the Jaffa Anaby Independent Study Center, which was equipped with computers and audio-visual equipment to enable weaker students to get extra help, stronger students to move ahead at their own pace, teachers to gain computer skills for use in their classrooms and local residents, many of which are new immigrants, to study on their own.The school later merged with and was moved to the Pisgat Ze’ev High School, and the school facility became home to the ultra-Orthodox Sha’arei Zion School.

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