Old City-Jewish Quarter, Ha'ofel st.

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The Jerusalem Foundation created the Yitzhak Ben Youssef Levy Garden-The Ophel, an archeological site bordering the southern wall of the Temple Mount, in 1982. The site is named after Mount Ophel, where the government buildings stood during the First Temple Period. The site contains many remains from the First Temple and later periods, including remnants of a monumental public building from the First Temple Period, paved streets from the Second Temple Period, Jewish ritual baths, sections of Robinson’s Arch’ from the Second Temple Period, and partially-restored Byzantine houses with mosaic floors. In 1999, the site was incorporated into the expanded Ophel Archeological Park, which is in itself part of the larger Jerusalem Archeological Park, which also includes the Western Wall excavations, Robinson’s Arch and the Hulda Gates.

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