City Center, 42 Hanevi'im st.

About the project

The ORT Oleiski School was the city’s first vocational high school, opened on this site in 1952. The school is located on the campus with the Jerusalem ORT College, a night school for technicians and engineers, and includes the former German Probst Building, a 1910 Rennaisance revival style structure that served as the residence of Sir Ronald Storrs, the first governor of Jerusalem after World War I, a school for Arab boys in the last years of the British Mandate, and as home to several departments of Hadassah Hospital between 1948-1951. The school is part of a network of 159 schools throughout Israel operated by ORT, a worldwide education organization founded in Russia in 1880 that established its first school in Israel in 1949. The school offers a unique combination of vocational and academic training, requiring graduates to complete matriculation examinations that are normally required only of academic-track students. The Jerusalem Foundation supported creation of a Laboratory for Computerized Diagnosis & Control of Automative Systems to serve the school’s 100 students in its automotive mechanics program in 1995.

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