Baka, 31 Yehuda st.

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The Pelech Religious Experimental High School for Girls strives to educate 9th-12th grade girls to lead traditional religious lives in an atmosphere of equality, tolerance and engagement in larger society. The approximately 250 girls at the school study a rigorous religious program on par with that of boys’ religious schools as well as humanities, social sciences and more. Established in 1967 on Mt. Zion, the school later moved to a former residential building on Gidon St. in the Baka neighborhood. In 1998, the Jerusalem Foundation supported renovation of a historic residential building and adjacent 1960s school building that had previously served as the Lapidot School and the Nitzanim School for Special Education to provide the school with an appropriate campus and facilities on Yehuda St. in Baka. Renovations included new heating, plumbing and electrical work, offices, an auditorium and classrooms, conference areas and workshops designed to reflect the school’s progressive teaching methods.The Jerusalem Foundation also created the Moses & Rivkah-Hadassah Gercek Library at the new facility in 1998.

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