Repha'im Valley, Shulov st.

About the project

THE PRITZKER CHILDREN’S PETTING ZOO, a gift of Cindy and Jay Pritzker, was opened to the public in the summer of 1993. Since then there have been many improvements and additions to the zoo, it is a place where children can get “up close and personal” with the animals that ordinarily, they would not come in contact with. Feeding the goats with a handful of pellets made available from a despensing machine for as little as a shekel, gives so much pleasure to both the animals and the children. Holding the rabbits, and stroking the miniture sheep and ponies. Visiting the small animal house with its collection of snakes chinchillas and iguanas, The Small Animal House, also holds programs/projects, of animal assisted therapy for children with special needs. The children are encouraged to pet, brush and feed the animals, giving them confidence, and a sense a responsibility
The petting zoo caters for everything that children like to do, when they have had enough of visiting the animals, there is always the adventure playground, with the slides, stairs and walkways, or there is the grassy areas, one of which holds the Nikki de St. Phalle Animal Sculptures. (see separate project entry).

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