Nachla'ot, Shirizli st.

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The Jerusalem Foundation established the Rabinovitch Family Youth Center (later renamed the Rabinovitch Community Club) between 5 Shrizli Street and 8 Einayim Lemishpat Street in the Mazkeret Moshe section of Nachla’ot in 1972. The club, which was created by renovating an existing building in very poor condition, offered folk dancing, arts and crafts, sports and leadership programs to neighborhood youth. In 1978, the club facilities were expanded to provide classes in handicrafts, Hebrew language, physical fitness, singing and dancing to more than 100 neighborhood senior citizens. The Jerusalem Foundation supported establishment of the center, the later purchase of furnishings and equipment, and activities. The club served as a focal point for activities in this historic neighborhood for many years. It later became home to the Wiener Heritage Center, which tells the story of Mazkeret Moshe.

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