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The Shaked (Almond) School served approximately 100 children and young adults aged 5-23 who suffered from mild to severe mental retardation and often had other disabilities, including autism, blindness, deafness or cerebral palsy. Each student received an individualized program of study and therapy to maximize growth and independence. The Jerusalem Foundation supported activities at the school, including use of a model apartment, arts and music programs and visits to cultural events. It also supported construction of a playground at the school in 1995. The school was located behind the Beit Rachel Community Center, in a facility that was converted for use by the Hettena Day Care Center in 2006. The Shaked School was closed at that time, and the students were integrated into other special education schools, including the Hettena Day Care Center and the Simon Rothschild-Ben Yehuda School for Special Education.

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